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Fiction Friday

Club Fantasy, Chapter 25

Seth watched in the monitor, idly scratching around his horns. They all seemed to be having a good time in there -- sucking and fucking. They should really put mics in the rooms. It would make things easier.

"Are you playing peeping Tom, my love?" His favorite angel pressed up against him, kissed his neck.

His tail twitched, sliding up along Michael's leg. "Assuring our winner has a lovely night is all."

Michael purred at his touch. "And is he? Oh, twins! Sexy."

"He certainly seems to think so. He's going to be deliciously sore on Monday."

As he watched, one of the twins went down on their winner. The man had a beautiful six-pack, abs flexing as his hands grabbed at long hair. It was their faces that told the real story, though. All showing such pleasure.

"Then our work here is done, right?" Michael's fingers slid along his arms. They tickled gently along his skin, sending little sparks through him.

"Mmm. It is. Boss called?"

"Doesn't he always? I told him everything had worked out just fine." He could feel the shrug as Michael tried to dismiss the subject.

"Did he ask about the leak?" He knew the Boss had. Just like he knew they didn't know who it was. It was starting to get irritating.

Michael sighed. "It wasn't so much ask as ream me out about it. Again." His angel didn’t sound much happier about it than he felt. Long fingers rubbed his belly through his shirt.

"I'll take the next call. You have my word. We could fire everyone, hire all new ones." They had to do something before the Boss really lost it over this and did something more drastic than that, even.

"Yeah, we could. He doesn't just want it plugged, though, does he? He wants to know who it is." Michael shivered. "I would not want to be that person when the Boss catches up with them."

"No. He can be... enthusiastic." In fact, he'd been in the employ of the Boss for a hell of a lot longer than Michael had been. He was really close to only being an employee on retainer, too. Damn close.

"So." Michael started counting off items. "Boss' call in and dealt with for now. Check. Club locked up for the night. Check. Fantasy winner enjoying the hell out of his prize. Double check. Horny demon fucking his angel through the mattress... we seem to be missing a check here."

Seth's tail twitched, his horns itching. "You are thorough..."

"Yes. I think we should go to bed and discuss just how we're going to deal with that missing check." Michael's fingers slid up into his hair, thumbs brushing over his horns.

His lips parted, eyes rolling back in his head. "Uh-huh." What was it he was agreeing to?

Brushing thumbs turned into pinching fingers, Michael knowing how to make him need, how to push his buttons. "Then come with me, love."

"Come." He nodded, moaned and leaned into the touch. Michael didn’t have to stop anytime soon.

Michael chuckled, the sound throaty, sexy. "I could ask anything of you right now and you’d give it to me."

"Mmmhmm. Anything. Just don't stop."

"My beautiful, easy demon." Michael drew him to the private elevator that would take them up to their bedroom. He didn’t see it, though, the ornate doors, the shiny chrome, none of it mattered.

"Yours. You stopped touching."

"Oh, I'll have to do something about that." Michael's fingers returned to his horns, stroking them.

His knees buckled, the touch overwhelming, melting him, and he landed on the floor. "Michael."

"Yes, love. It's me." That husky laugh came again, those long fingers working magic.

His lips parted, and he leaned forward, mouth on the bulge in his lover's pants.

"Seth!" Michael's hands grabbed at his head, the sweet stroking ended.

The elevator lurched to a stop and he swayed slightly.

"You stopped again." He could bite, that would get Michael’s attention.

"That's because we're here." That wasn't the real reason, though, and he knew it. He knew Michael had gotten distracted.

"Come on, Seth. Bed." Obviously not too distracted, though.

"Bed. Naked." He stripped his shirt off as they walked.

"Oh, I do love it when you start ordering me around." Michael watched him undress.

"I want you." He sat on the bed, kicked off his shoes.

"I know. The feeling is absolutely mutual."

Michael finally started stripping off his clothes, revealing the beautiful pale body, the large, exquisite wings. His cock leapt, the flesh filling dark and hard between his thighs.

"Oh, Seth." Michael dropped onto his knees in front of Seth. Bending, Michael took his aching prick between red lips.

Seth’s fingers reached for those wings, the feathers tickling his fingertips. Michael shivered, all those feathers fluttering. The suction around his cock got stronger.

"More. Harder, Michael. I have need." His balls ached, his body tight.

Michael's teeth scraped along his flesh on the next pass. His fingers clenched, stroking his angel's wings. Michael's tongue slapped at the head of his cock and then pointed and began to fuck his slit.

His cries filled their room, along with the scent of sulphur. His wicked, evil angel.

One of Michael's hands slid between his thighs and fondled his balls. They were rolled and then tugged hard.

"Beloved!" Flames flashed under his ass, his cock jerking violently.

His cry spurred Michael to move faster. Everything intensified. Smoke poured from his fingers, almost, but not quite singeing Michael's feathers. Michael's wings spread slowly, wrapping around him as Michael's mouth tried to drag him all the way to heaven.

Spunk poured out of him, pleasure shooting from his balls, into his angel. Michael swallowed him all down, every last drop, a look of bliss on his angel's face.

He slumped back, panting. "Beloved one."

"Yours." Michael nipped at his right inner thigh and one hand slid around his cock. "Stay hard, love. I want you inside me."

"I am inside you, but I'll make love to you as well."

All day long.

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