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Two on Tuesday

I have two stories coming out tomorrow!

Another Velvet Glove story from the print books is coming out. Puppy Love was so much fun to write and I have a huge -- huge -- soft spot for Tyg and Dane. The other is a story in the Masks Off! anthology about shifters and masks.

Puppy Love, a Velvet Glove story

Who can resist a free room at the Velvet Glove in exchange for rehabilitating an abused puppy? Certainly not Dane, who accepts the offer, but is surprised find that the pup in question is actually Tyg, a young man and sub who was left by his master, in a cage, with no food or water. Tyg needs help and, Dane is the man for the job, even if he's used to working with animals, not humans. Can Dane rehabilitate a human as he would a dog? Does he even want to? As his relationship with Tyg blossoms into something sweet and heartwarming, Dane thinks he just might, but what happens when Tyg's "owner" returns?

Originally published on Turn of the Screw and in the print book Velvet Glove, IV.

Chapter One - Dane Learns That Some Puppies are Human

Dane signed in at the front desk of the Velvet Glove, leaving an imprint of his palm. He was assured his suite would be ready for him and his new puppy.

Then he was asked to take a seat and wait for his escort. That would be Richard, the young man he had been in touch with on the universal 'net. The young man who'd told him about the dog, abandoned by his owner, left for they knew not how long in a cage. Unattended. Unfed. Unwatered. Left to die what was truly a horrible death.

It angered Dane greatly that people would do this, but it was not the first time he had seen it.

Of course for every person who could be so cruel there was one like Richard, who's heart was bigger than his ability, who'd searched out someone to help this puppy, when he himself had been unable to.

Dane watched as two men, one young and small, the other big, scarred and wearing special glasses came toward him, holding hands.

They stopped in front of him.

"Hello, Dane?" The big man held out one scarred hand. "I'm Jean, this is Richard."

He stood and shook Jean's hand and then Richard's. "Hello. Yes. I'm Dane. Thank you. Thank you for calling me in. And for the rooms. That really wasn't necessary, but thank you. I assure you, I will help this dog. Tyg, wasn't it?"

The big man looked down at the little one, who nodded eagerly. "Tyg's been... badly treated. He's going to be sent away if someone doesn't help him."

"Yes, Richard sent me an account of how he'd been left by his previous owner. Shameful, really."

The little one -- Richard -- took his hand and tugged, leading him toward the lift.

"Yes, everyone assumed the man had taken Tyg with him. The police are looking for him, in fact. Tyg was left behind to die."

His heart broke for the poor dog. "When they find him, he should be left in a cage with no food or water as well. It's no more than he deserves."

The lift traveled quickly upward.

"Yeah. Andy and Bear have been taking care of Tyg, but he's aggressive, angry, unsocial." The lift door opened and he was led down a long hall, to a door marked kennel.

He nodded. "Yes, that makes sense. He'll have branded all men as users and abusers. Only time and patience and being well-treated will convince him otherwise."

The door opened, a lean man in leather answering, a naked young man at his feet... barking... "Richard! Jean! Is this the man interested in Tyg?"

He blinked. "Yes. I'm Dane. I sent my credentials with the animal rescue shelter to Richard a few days ago -- he said he'd pass them on..." Dane was fascinated by the ... well, dog-boy at the man's feet. He had a... a tail coming from his ass.

"Excellent. Come on in, I'll introduce you to Tyg." He was led into a long, sunny room, one bright kennel after another with a...

He blinked.


Men with tails and mitted hands and one or two with dog masks on.

Men that were barking.

Annual Full Moon Werewolf Ball in Masks Off!

My story in this anothology about masked shifters tells the tale of Gramm, who was bitten during a one-night stand a year ago and ever since then has turned more than a little bit hairy on a regular basis. What happens when he runs into the man who bit him a year later and demands answers?

Annual Full Moon Werewolf Ball.

Grammercy snorted at the sign. It was a bunch of people pretending to be fantasy creatures. Some wore full body costumes, others just masks and tails. At midnight, according to the sign, they went out and had a "howling."

It was a romanticized, unrealistic, silly ball. These masked werewolves had no idea what it was like to be a werewolf.

Gramm was different.

The face he wore under the wolf mask was not so different from said mask. It'd been that way for just over a year. One bite from some random hook-up had changed his life forever. That first full moon... Shit, there had been nothing romantic about the first time he'd changed.

He had it under control now, more or less. He knew when it was coming, knew where to go not to get into trouble when it overtook him. Still, it kept him away from people, especially at night. Here he could let his wolf hang out and nobody would look twice. Maybe he could even hook up.

He paid his cover charge and stalked into the place, the driving beat hitting him immediately and calling to the feral beast inside him. He pushed into the crowd, men, women, all dressed up as wolves gyrating against him.


Christ on a crutch. He might be desperate but he wasn't this desperate. Why had he come again?

The music got faster, and he could smell need, arousal, heat. It was going to make him fucking crazy and he couldn't decide if he wanted to just revel in it or get out.

That was when he smelled it.

Another male. Another familiar male. That little fuck who had bitten his thigh a year ago. Gramm was going to kill the bastard.


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Kathy Thomas
Jul. 31st, 2012 11:28 pm (UTC)
Tyg and Dane are my second favorite Velvet Glove pair (sorry Herc and Mal are my very favorite) I highly recommend this story.
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