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Fiction Friday on a Sunday

Club Fantasy, Chapter 23

Rick's cock ached and Mickey wasn't helping, with the way he was pushing back against it, rubbing against him.


Rick leaned forward, nuzzling Mickey's shoulder, feeling Tank's eyes on him. Was he serious about letting the big man spank him, warm his ass, get him off?

Mickey pushed back rubbing his cock. "I want to watch, Rick."

He got a slow smile from Tank, the heat in the man's eyes incredible. And aimed right at him. "Whatever you want, Rick. It's your turn."

One big hand slid over Mickey's hip to cup his asscheek, let him feel.

"I want." He shifted, Mickey moaned, and the air seemed to get heavier.

Tank nodded and sat on the edge of the bed, patting his own thighs. "Come on, then. I'll do you right."

Mickey slipped off his lap, standing and turning to kiss him, hands working his belt open. Mickey's hands were trembling -- his twin more excited than he was, almost. Almost.

"Senfuckingsational," murmured Tank, eyes on him and Mickey. "You're so hot for each other."

Mickey smiled, not looking away from his eyes. "I love him. You're going to look so pretty, spread out."

Rick blushed and he reached out, stroking one hand through the long hair. "Perv."

"You both are. Hell, we all are." Tank laughed, the sound husky and bright. "Just a bunch of pervs having the time of their fucking lives."

Mickey stripped his jeans off, got him naked, then carefully arranged him over Tank's thighs, kissing him the whole time.

Tank's hand slid down to find his cock, making sure it was between the thick thighs before Tank closed his legs. "That feel good?"

"Yeah." Oh, fuck.

"Start nice and easy. He likes the deep, slow buildup." Mickey looked up at Tank. "We're different there. I like a couple of hard slaps, when I'm about to shoot. He wants the whole thing."

"So not just the same," murmured Tank, big hand sliding on Rick's ass, squeezing and touching, not spanking. Yet.

"No. No, we're very." He moaned as Mickey kissed him again, then finished, "Different."

Tank's hand came down on his ass, not too hard, almost a love tap. He hummed, eyelids fluttering a bit.

Mickey moaned. "So pretty."

"You gonna stay there and keep his mouth busy?" Tank asked, another soft swat landing on Rick's ass.

"For the beginning, yeah. When you have him flying, I'll watch." Mickey looked excited, flushed.

"Is he going to come from this?" Tank sounded excited by the prospect. Hell, he could feel the evidence of how turned on Tank was, the man's cock pushing up against his belly. "Are you going to come from this, Rick?"

"He can and then we'll go for round two."

Rick nodded, forcing himself to answer. "I can. If you... if you know what you're doing."

"Slow and steady lead-up, right? I can do that." Tank's hand came down again and then again, the touches still nice and easy, almost not hard enough. Rick closed his eyes, nodded, let himself ride things, let them build.

Tank kept smacking him, the heat slowly growing. He started humping, pushing his cock through the sheath created by Tank's thighs. With every hump, Mickey kissed him, tongue sliding in his lips, encouraging him.

Tank's swats became stronger, spreading out over his ass, the tops of his thighs. He started crying out with each blow, hips bucking and rolling, cock leaking, slicking each thrust.

"Look at you." Tank sounded breathless, voice husky. "Pushing up into it..."

"He loves it. He rides it; you have nice, big hands." Mickey moved away, went to kneel in front of Tank, watch.

"He's beautiful with it." Tank kept hitting, his ass beginning to burn.

"It's good. Don't stop." Please. Fuck.

"I won't. Fuck, you're hot, Rick."

Yeah, he was hot, his ass was on fire. He was going to scream, just from pure need. "Please. Oh. Oh, fuck."

"Yeah. Yeah, harder. Harder. Make him come." Mickey sounded hungry.

Tank listened to Mickey, hitting him harder, faster, hand flying hard against his ass.

He was. He was gonna. Oh. Oh, sweet fuck. He tossed his head, then Mickey surged forward, teeth sinking into his shoulder, driving him over the edge. He screamed, balls aching as he shot, teeth rattling.

"Oh, feel that. Just feel it." Tank groaned, hand rubbing over his ass.

Mickey shifted, tongue sliding over his ass.

"Mmm. Hot."

"You both are. God." Tank laughed. "You think they got room service here? I'm gonna need my Wheaties to keep up with you."

"Oh. Food. I could."

"So eat," he finished.

Chuckling, Tank leaned up and over and got hold of the phone, the muscled thighs moving beneath his belly.

"What should I order?"

"Meat." They answered together, then laughed.

"Oh, I've got that for you right here." Tank winked, hand sliding over his hard cock. "But I can order us a batch of burgers."

"Mmm. Burgers."

Mickey nodded. "Then a shower."

"Then more," he added

"Sex." They finished together.

"Fuck, yes. I'm down with that plan."

Tank made the call, eyes on them as he spoke with the room service waiter.

The man was a stud. A playground. And they were the only kids in the park.


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Jul. 22nd, 2012 06:46 pm (UTC)
thank you ^_^
Jul. 23rd, 2012 10:18 pm (UTC)
OH that was nice :D Thank you so much for this lovely distraction.
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